Colour combinations

  • Quattro-Girls<sup>®</sup>


    Similar to Twin-Girls®, but intriguing combinations of four colours. Considering all colours and the 'Sunset Line' you've got numerous possibilities.

  • Sunset-Trio


    The three varieties 'Zeta', 'Zoe' and 'Zalina' build the new Sunset-Trio, the Trio-Girls® in the colours of the sunset or the German National Flag.

  • Sunset-Trio with Zilly

    Sunset-Trio with Zilly

    'Zilly' with its silvery foliage is an ideal variety for Sunset Line® combination plantings.

  • Trio-Girls<sup>®</sup>


    Similar to Twin-Girls® three different varieties are planted in one pot. Combinations of three different varieties considering all possibilities you receive many outstanding Trio-Girls®.

  • Twingirls<sup>®</sup>


    Two different varieties in various colour combinations will already be planted in one pot during propagation. Using also the various Sunset Line varieties, there will be numerous attractive combinations.