Summer Line

  • 'Asli'


    A new, promising variety with pure white, large buds and slightly silvery foliage for our Summer Line group. This variety is showing colour very early. It grows stronger than 'Betty'.

  • 'Betty'


    A new, early colour showing variety with large, white buds and light green foliage. This very robust cultivar derives from 'Bettina' and is up to two weeks earlier than the original.

  • 'Lena'


    This variety has pink-purple buds, showing colour already early. Together with 'Madonna', 'Loki', 'Lilli' and 'Zeta' all important colours are now available in the Summer Line.

  • 'Lilli'


    This variety convinces with vibrant colours of purple buds with a light blue shade already mid of August. Together with 'Madonna', 'Loki', 'Lena' 'White Lena' and 'Zeta' all important colours are now available in the Summer Line.

  • 'Lisann'


    This variety shows colour early. The violet buds build an interesting contrast to the silvery foliage. Graceful upright growth habit.

  • 'Lisbeth'


    The purple-red buds of this upright growing variety show colour as early as mid August.

  • 'Loki'


    Loki is the earliest variety of the Gardengirls® brand, ideal for those friends who can’t wait for the season of the bud bloomers to start. Bright Red like ‘Athene’, best colour showing in August.

  • 'Madonna'


    Noticeably big white buds are typical for this variety. The habit is spreading upright. It is a little later than the other varieties from the Summer Line but lasts longer.

  • 'Reinweiße Lena'

    'Reinweiße Lena'

    Derives from the pink 'Lena'; has pure white buds and light green foliage. Shows colour earlier than 'Madonna'.

  • 'Weiße Lena'

    'Weiße Lena'

    The white buds of this variety show colour in the early season. Paired with the darker foliage you will achieve a beautiful contrast.

  • 'Zeta'


    This variety provides great colour in every combination or bed. The remarkable colour of these plants comes just from the foliage it makes no buds or flowers at all. Upright Habit.

The varieties of the Summer Line
are the earliest available on the market,
starting around Mid-August. Due to
possible warm weather in late summer,
the shelf life of those early varieties might
be shorter than the late varieties. For long
lasting colour until November, please use
the varieties of the Late Line