New planting of an calluna isle
Calluna isle 3 years later

Plant care instructions


Important for a long shelf life of the colour buds is regular, evenly moisture without water logging. Even if the plants dried out the appearance of the plants won’t change significantly.


After pruning of last year’s flower stems in April the plants will be eager to develop new shoots and can bring joy for several years to come. After cut-back, apply fertilizer in small dosages, either organic fertilizer in 1 tablespoon per plant or 1 level tablespoon of mineral fertilizer/ m².


For a successful life in long lasting heather gardens the hardy bud-bloomers, other varieties of the Scotch heather and other heather species will need an acid to slightly acid soil with a pH value of 4-5.


Furthermore, heather plants need plenty of full sun and air movement.


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