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Gardengirls® Hardy bud bloomers – for your long flowering autumn sales season!

The sales of heather plants is well organized by our licensees since many years. Please ask your favourite wholesaler about the actual Gardengirls® programme. As you know, each year we replace one “girl” with a new variety to offer you the most beautiful and best, long lasting varieties.

Our innovative breeding as well as our quality management build the foundation for our responsibility as breeder. Diligent selection and supervision of our licensees secure the premium quality of our products. The labelling of every pot with brand, variety name and the 4-digit producer code guarantee legally produced merchandise. There is no brand name yet developed for Erica and Daboecia, but the growers can be easily identified by the producer code.

If you are a buyer or plant seller without a reliable supplier of Gardengirls®, please contact us. We will be able to assist you then individually. Contact:

We and our licensees offer extensive promotional material to help you to sell Gardengirls® successfully. Digital pictures are available as well.

Suitable promotional signs with pictures for your point of sales are available at or of Green Solutions in Oldenburg/ Germany.


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