Gardengirls® Dekoration mit Fluffy®

Fluffy® – The Velvet Heather

The soft, velvety stems are the main characteristics of the new brand Fluffy® – The Velvet Heather creating a cosy atmosphere indoors and outdoors in autumn and winter. It can be easily combined with numerous other heather varieties.

Discover Fluffy® and look for interesting ideas for “Do it Yourself” decorations on our pages “Ideas”.

Characteristics: Fluffy, velvet and unique silvery foliage

Planting location: Sunny

From September–March

Gardengirls® Fluffy® Ambiente Sofa
Gardengirls® Fluffy® Nachaufnahme
Gardengirls® Fluffy® Kugel mit Model
Gardengirls® Fluffy® Tischdekoration auf der Terrasse
Gardengirls® Fluffy® Packshot
Gardengirls® Fluffy® Dekoration im Garten
Gardengirls® Fluffy® Dekoration auf der Terrasse
Gardengirls® Fluffy® DIY Kranz
Gardengirls® Fluffy® Gemütlich zuhause

Fluffy, velvet and unique

Fluffy® – The Velvet Heather with silver foliage

Creative decorations with Fluffy®

for the living room


Some Do-It-Yourself ideas with Fluffy®: Just create your own heather ball or heather wreath; easy to make at the comfort of your home. The beauty of using Fluffy® as the decoration element is the long-lasting freshness over many months.

Gardengirls® Fluffy® DIY. Kranz binden. Tischdekoration mit Heide
Gardengirls® Schöne Tischdekoration mit Fluffy®
Gardengirls® Fluffy® DIY. Kranz binden. Tischdekoration mit Heide

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