Gardengirls® Golden Angie®
Gardengirls® Golden Angie® Goldene Dekoration mit Heide

Golden Angie

Golden Angie is the highlight in flower beds, on balconies and terrasses due to the unique colour composition of initial grass-green foliage turning golden yellow accentuated by red flower buds starting in September. Sunny locations are best. Golden Angie can be pruned back in spring to sprout again in full glory.

Characteristics: Golden yellow leaves topped by red buds; long shelf life well into winter; easy care and robust

Planting location: Sunny

From September–December

Gardengirls® Golden Angie® Heide-Deko
Gardengirls® Golden Angie® Heide-Engel
Gardengirls® Golden Angie® leuchtend goldgelbes Laub und rote Knospen
Gardengirls® Golden Angie® Knospen
Gardengirls® Golden Angie®
Gardengirls® Golden Angie® Herbstliche Heide-Deko
Gardengirls® Golden Angie® Tischdekoration für festliche Anlässe
Gardengirls® Golden Angie® Winterharte Knospenheide
Gardengirls® Golden Angie® warme goldene Farben

Just worth some golden moments

Golden Angie

Shine bright like a

Golden Angie


For special festive occasions Golden Angie is perfect choice as the elegant, ideal table decoration. Due to the golden yellow foliage this variety fits well with golden tea lights or hearts on tables or dressers. It is also a very suitable gift to impress good friends.

The warm, rich colour of this cultivar ensures a calming effect and sets a magic smile into the face of the viewer.

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