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What's behind it? With the combined breeding efforts of Neoplant, we focus on robust, resilient plants with rich colors, beautiful growth, and easy cultivation. This also benefits the end customers. The Gardengirls licensees, as a large community with individual products, provide additional clout and innovative strength in the market. Get to know our producers and see for yourself!

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We love fairness and equal opportunities for all. As a licensing community, we promote process optimizations, product ideas, and combination possibilities, proudly showcasing insights into member businesses.

The Origin of Our Quality: Focus on Businesses

CC Karren mit bunten Heidesorten

Gartenbau Bernd Bartholme

The Bartholme horticultural company, based in the hessian Bürstadt, has been established since 1958. At that time, only vegetables were grown on 2 hectares of open land and 600 square meters of glasshouse. Today, the business cultivates a wide range of potted plant cultures on a total area of 14 hectares.

Heidefläche Gartenbau Baumann

Baumann Gartenbau

The family-owned company Baumann Gartenbau has been producing heathers, heaths, as well as bedding and balcony plants for 90 years now. The business was founded in 1934 for the cultivation of vegetables and cut flowers.

Heidefläche Baumschule DeVries

De Vries Baumschule

The nursery de Vries from Tange produces a wide range of heath plants on approximately 6 hectares, with a focus on efficient and automated operations. This innovative, emerging, and modern
company carries all concepts of Gardengirls.

Drohenaufnahme Betrieb Delger Pflanzen

Delger Pflanzen


The nursery Delger from Apen looks back on over 35 years of experience in the production of heathers, shrubs, ground cover plants and much more.
The nursery was established in 1985 by Arno Delger.

Drohnenaufnahme von der Betriebsfläche Gerritzen

Gartenbau Stefan Gerritzen

The horticulture business Stefan Gerritzen from Kevelaer, on the Lower Rhine, was founded in 1964 by Franz Gerritzen as a cut flower business. In 1970, they transitioned to potted plants, - mainly heathers and azaleas were produced.

Nahaufnahme von der Glockenheide

Gärtnerei Halmans GbR

The Gärtnerei Ludger and Andreas Halmans GbR has been producing heather cultures since 1988 in Kevelaer on the Lower Rhine. On an area of 1.2 hectares in a protected environment as well as on an outdoor area of 13.5 hectares, of which 5 hectares is lava area, Calluna vulgaris and Erica darleyensis are produced.

Drohnenaufnahme von der Baumschule Hemmje

Hemmje Baumschule

Since 1997, Baumschule Hemmje from Ocholt in Ammerland has been passionately dedicated to the production of Callunas and Ericas. The brothers Markus and Axel Hemmje now run the business with 25 employees in the second generation.

Heidefläche im Sonnenuntergang

Gartenbaubetrieb E.H. Hintze

The heath specialty company E.H. Hintze looks back on a company history that began in 1929. Since then, not only the company management has been passed on, but also the experience in cultivating a wide variety of plants.

Firmenlogo Hintze
Heidefläche Topffplanzen Hils

Topfpflanzen Hils

Topfpflanzen Hills from Geldern-Lüllingen in the Lower Rhine region has been producing a wide range of ornamental plants since 1974. The business was founded by Theo and Anneliese Hils.

Stecklinge Heide in Nahaufnahme

Jan Kapels

Jan Kapels from Edewecht has been producing Calluna young plants with his team since 1991. The assortment includes the entire range of Gardengirls Callunas and the Daboecias of the Summer
Dinner concept. In addition to Summer Dinner, Jan Kapels is also highly committed to implementing the other concepts.

Betriebsfläche Keysers Gartenbau mit LKW

Gartenbau Keysers

In 1960, Matthias Keysers laid the foundation for the family business Gartenbau Keysers, which originally started as a small vegetable breeding operation. Nowadays, the business is divided into several family enterprises.

Drohnenaufnahme von der Betriebsfläche von Küppers

Küppers GbR

The Küppers GbR from Wachtendonk produces a high-quality mixture of Callunas, Ericas, perennials, and shrubs. Since 2013, Matthias Küppers has been managing the company together with his daughter Verena Zachau-Küppers.

Leffers Betriebsfläche von oben

Leffers Baumschule

The Leffers nursery in Westerstede was founded in 1986 and now manages an area of 16 hectares of container space. As a family business based in Westerstede, Leffers primarily specializes in the production and cultivation of heather plants, with a quantity of more than 2 million.

Tunnelanlage von Marohn und Häger

Marohn und Häger

The nursery Marohn and Häger from Apen-Tange produces over 170 different heath varieties from young plants to finished goods. The focus lies on the cultivation of Gardengirls button heather
in various pot sizes.

Heidefläche in Nahaufnahme

Gartenbau Matenaer

The Matenaer horticulture business stands for innovative plant culture and responsible business management. They continually expand their offering with new mixed varieties to optimally meet the requirements of their customers.

Firmenlogo Matenear
Drohnenaufnahme von der Gärtnerei Melle

Gärtnerei Melle

The Melle nursery from Ganderkesee has been producing heather, perennials and summer flowers for over 75 years. The business was founded in 1946 by Georg Melle, and has been run by Carolin Melle in the third generation since 2011.

Heidefläche in Grün in Nahaufnahme

Gartenbau Mosler

Gartenbau Mosler is a traditional company that was founded in 1953 in the Lower Rhine region of Germany. Initially, it functioned as a settlement farm specializing in growing vegetables for the local population.

Firmenlogo Gartenbau Mosler
Betriebsfläche im Sonnenuntergang

Rannacher Gartenbau

The horticulture company Rannacher, based in East Westphalia, has been managed by Karsten Rannacher and his wife Ulrike since 2008. Karsten Rannacher comes from a family of gardeners in Saxony and already represents the third generation devoted to horticulture.

Heidefläche in Lila in Nahaufnahme

Rieke Blumen Gartenbau


The nursery Rieke is a horticultural business in Hopsten with indoor and outdoor production. In the outdoor area, the focus is on the production of perennials and Gardengirls Calluna, which have been
produced at Rieke since the mid-1990s.

Anlage von der Gärtnerei Silber

Gartenbau Silber

Gartenbau Silber has a long-standing history in the green industry. The business was founded over 100 years ago by Gottlieb Elfers. Today, Anke Bechtold and Inid Schiller lead the
company in its fourth generation.

Nahaufnahme von Heidepflanzen

Gartenbau van Leuven

The van Leuven horticultural business is now in its third generation. The company in Geldern was founded in 1954, and Johannes and Tobias van Leuven are now responsible for the nearly 10-hectare operating area.

Drohnenaufnahme der Betriebsfläche von Van Loon

Gartenbau van Loon

The van Loon horticultural business was founded in 2024 by Tobias van Loon. After five years of partnership, he took over the Gesthüsen horticulture business and
is now looking ambitiously into the future.

Sunste Fire in verschiedenen Farben in Nahaufnahme

Gartenbau Heiner Verrieth

Gartenbau Heiner Verrieth from Kevelaer in the Lower Rhine region was founded in 1962, and since 2007, Heiner Verrieth has been running the family business in its second generation. The company's focus is on bedding and balcony plants in the spring and heather plants in the fall.


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