Colourful heather fun! For the multi-coloured heather Smixies, different heather varieties in five bright colours have been atmospherically combined in one pot. The unusual colour mix of the Smixies creates a fantastic wow effect and brings good humour to the garden, terrace or balcony. With their long-lasting flower buds, the Smixies spread a cheerful mood even at the beginning of winter.

Characteristics: multi-coloured heather, 5 varieties in one pot, bright, intense colours

Habitat: sunny

From September to December

Gardengirls® Smixies® Packshot

colourful, atmospheric mix of colours

Smixies® – colourful heather fun

Novelty Smixies®

colourful, atmospheric mix of colours


Just in time for the Heidelights, the novelties for 2022 were impressively presented. Particularly eye-catching are the Smixies, in which five different varieties of heather in one pot are staged as a motley, atmospheric mix of colours. With their bright, intense colours, they create a fantastic wow effect in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony.

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