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Rasta Girls®

This series just started with one variety called ‘Nelly’. Now it developed into a group of seven varieties. The common characteristic is the trailing growth habit. All are suitable for combination plantings with other colourful Gardengirls® varieties.

Characteristics: Pendulous branches with flower buds; numerous combinations possible for colour bowls and high-rise flower beds

Planting location: Sunny

From September–October

Rasta Girls®
Gardengirls® Rasta Girls® Dekoration im Topf auf der Terrasse
Rasta Girls®
Gardengirls® Rasta Girls® Packshot mit Etikett
Gardengirls® Kombination von verschiedener Heide im Kübel
Gardengirls® Rasta Girls® Claire hängende Knospenheide im Topf
Rasta Girls®
Rasta Girls®
Rasta Girls®
Rasta Girls®
Rasta Girls®

Unique trailing growth habit

Rasta Girls® – always the right choice

Numerous options for plantings

with the Rasta Girls®


The long trailing growth habit of the Rasta Girls® achieve interesting effects in plantings. As a single plant set into hanging baskets used indoors or outdoors Rasta Girls® get a lot of attention. Planted at the edge of a wall they also look great.

Combined with other Gardengirls® varieties like Zelia and Lioba they create diversity Into every planting due to the growth habit and their dense population of the buds.

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