Gardengirls® Up Down Girl®
Gardengirls® Up Down Girl®

Up Down Girl®

Her name lives up to its promise! For our new Up Down Girl® concept, a hanging budding heather, an upright deciduous variety and a standing colourful callune are extravagantly combined. With its sophisticated growth and colour combinations, Up Down Girl® is ready for planting in pots or tubs, creates a coherent, relaxed look in no time at all and thus fits in perfectly with the current convenience trend.

Discover our five Up Down Girl® variations here

Characteristics: with upright and hanging growth, three varied colours, ready planting for the pot or tub.

Position: sunny

From September to October

Up Down Girl® Heather panicles
Up Down Girl®
Up Down Girl®
Fresh Up Down Girl
Up Down Girl®
Burning Up Down Girl
Midnight Burning Up Down Girl
Sunny Up Down Girl
Silver Up Down Girl

with pendulous & upright growth


Up Down Girl® – Simply exciting look

Novelty Up Down Girl®

available in numerous variations


The sophisticated plantings of upright and hanging heather plants will be new in the range from 2022. There will be five colour combinations to choose from, always based on the colour of the deciduous Callune. Up Down Girl will be available from autumn in the combinations Sunny Up Down Girl in yellow, Midnight Up Down Girl in black, Burning Up Down Girl in red, Silver Up Down Girl in silver and Fresh Up Down Girl in green.

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