Our production

Our Gardengirls® are produced with special care, often with a lot of manual labour. The small cuttings are cut off the mother plants and sticked in multi-trays. Later, the Gardengirls® are transplanted in larger pots and finished in the open field to mature to the desired plant size with beautifully coloured buds.

Irrigation trolleys drive over the field to supply the correct amount of water to the plants right on the spots. Water saving microjets are used by some growers.

Finally, the Gardengirls® are packaged onto special plant trolleys and brought to wholesalers and end consumers.

Gardengirls® Stecklinge Heide
Gardengirls® CCs Heidepflanzen


Our producers

Significant for the Gardengirls® system is that the growers are located all over Germany and in the adjacent neighbouring countries. The different locations reduce the risk of failures in the open field production and the products can reach the marketplaces and customers in the best quality possible.

Most growers concentrate on just the production of Calluna in high numbers and will not sell to the end consumer.

Legend – Map shows location of growers in Germany





Administrative office & breeder

Administrative office & breeder

Gardengirls® Übersichtskarte Standorte Züchter, Lizenznehmer und Geschäftsstelle


Claus Geißler

Managing Director


Detlef Twiest

License Administration


Rainer Peters

Innovation/Quality Management


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